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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

Relationship Coaching. relationshipcoaching


"Relationships are not meant to be stable. They are either happy or unhappy." (Monica Berg)

"Intimacy is hard work. It requires love, stamina and willing to taking risks"

If you are struggling in your relationship, relax. You are not the only one. We were not taught by our parents how to establish healthy relationships and have healthy expectations from our intimate relationships so we are learning as we go along and at times get completely lost.

"Relationships go through harmony, disharmony and repair" (Terry Real).

Repair is probably the most important phase and no one has ever told us how to repair when one of our unconscious behaviours (or even conscious) has hurt the relationship and our partner. It is in the repair that we deepen our connection with ourselves and with our mate, it is in the repair that we reconnect with God's love, it is in the repair that we grow, learn and experience unconditional love so join me in learning these skills so you can transform the most important relationship in your life!

I am currently looking for a couple who is experiencing some challenges in their long term relationship and would be interested in working throught them. My work will be supervised by a highly experienced supervisor from the NAOS institute. No name or personal details will be included in the case study so privacy will be protected at all times..

Each session will last 75 minutes and will be done a weekly basis for a minimum period of 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have the choice to carry on at the same rate or stop.

Sessions will be charged at a discounted rate of £35.00. Payable in advance in one installment of £210.00.

If you are interested, reach out to me via the contact form to set up a 20 minutes session with me and both partners to assess if there is a connection and I can help you with your current challenges.

Our informal chat along with the sessions will be done via Zoom.

Relationship Coaching. relationship

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