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Organic CBD Products. CBD oils products

CBD - The new revolution in the food supplements industry

You have now done your research and have decided to add CBD to your daily intake of food supplements...

A huge trend has started in the market for CBD oils but you are getting confused on which oil is best, whether there are other CBD products on the market apart from the oil etc.

Please find here below a very helpful document which outlines what you need to think about when you choose a CBD oil or CBD based product.

As a MAXX4 Independent Associate, I would be delighted to help you and answer any question.

For your information, these CBD products are all organic, made from the whole Hemp plan. The extraction uses the CO2 process which removes the strong taste. The carrier oil is Organic Sunflower oil as it is the best oil to help our bodies to absorb the product quickly and safely and also the Sunflower oil includes lecithin which has various health benefits. All our products contain less than 0.2% THC.

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How to choose a CBD Oil?

Organic CBD Products. How to choose a CBD oil
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