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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

Free from Empowered love: from toxic to thriving! 3 month programme

" The programme helped me to anchor myself during a very turbulent time in my life. Your ability to help me identify what was really occurring and more importantly giving me tools, support and advice througout prevented me from falling deeper into what I was experiencing as a black hole.

I loved the timely manner in which the progress was being made. I would have sessions and I would be able to apply my learning immediately and therefore have been able to navigate through a new chapter in my life with my husband.

I am not yet sure if my goal has been achieved as only time can tell that but I am clearer now about my behaviour and actions and understand how being present to this is giving me more control on my life."

~ DJ (UK - 2023)

"I have so enjoyed working with you. It really has been a pleasure and very enlightening too. So mch has shifted since we began working together and although I have not enjoyed being unwell the last few weeks, I know this is part of my realignment to a higher level of consciousness too - my hear definitely feels more open. "
~ EO (UK - 2024)

"Steph's work has been game-changing for me in both how I see myself, my patterns and the impact they have on my relationships and also how I'm able to navigate close relationships.

I'm more aware, more skilled at communicating and more able to hold myself when things get tough. As a long-practising coach qualified in psychology and with a lot of therapy under my belt, it was Steph's practical, direct and integral approach that seemed to break through and really help bring all that I've learned and new gifts to bear in my life.

I recommend Steph to anyone struggling to truly be themselves in relationships and create the dynamic they want, her work for me has meant I am true to myself and able to invite love into my life without the old fears and traps getting in the way, it's working and I will be eternally grateful."

~ RL (UK - 2023)

"I was stuck repeating a cycle of toxic relationships since I was a teenager, I'm now 51.

I gave too much, to the wrong guys time after time. Suffered every kind of abuse... But still ending up going back for more even when I knew it was wrong and harming me.

I watched with bated breath as my two daughters showed up to their relationships, repeating my mistakes all over again. As a mum to them, at times I wasn't even present...

Just going from day to day doing what it took to get through... In survival mode, and never being able to plan anything for the future or looking forward.. Always fearing the worst, never believing that things would get any better because I only seemed to attract bad.

I had counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, and even then learnt them all, becoming a Healer as a result of my experiences.

But still, with all I'd learnt and been through, I couldn't seem to change myself and get out of the cycle. I actually believed that I was destined to be alone and lost…until I came across this programme.

At first, I thought "yeah, I've heard it all before", but something intrigued me.

My gut feeling awoke, and I watched the webinar. I didn't take much convincing as it all made sense, especially the bit about the Reptilian Complex of the brain/mind.

From the start I experienced a great shift. Things about myself became clear, my mind less jumbled and the obsessive thoughts diminished.

I began to look to the future and see myself bettering my life.

My confidence grew, compassion for myself blossomed and the understanding of my own actions on others was like never before. It wasn't easy..

At times, I was very emotional.. But Steph was always on hand to help. I had so many "ah ha" moments, I can't tell you.

I'm in such a different place in my life now.. I've booked a five month course to be a hypnotherapist /NLP /life coach.. And I've got back into Psychic Mediumship on the platform since the self-doubt has slipped away. Oh.. And after years of emotional eating, I'm losing weight and feeling great... The biggest takeaway from the course is feeling alive and in control again.
That's something that has evaded me for many years.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity, and for meeting Steph.

I will never look back from here. 💜"
~ (Liz S - Psychic Healer/Medium) (UK 2022)

"The value in getting over and releasing the toxicity of the on-and-off relationship is invaluable. I couldn't even conceive of it at the start...I achieved probably what I hoped, though I didn't know what it would look or feel like. When Steph said, I would open the door in 3 months and be a different woman, that was such a ray of hope...Rapport with Steph is SUPER-FANTASTIC in every possible way. Real, down to earth, always laser-focused on me as the client, relevant helpful personal examples and anecdotes, able to hold me and support me in avery difficult moments and relate to me in a useful productive way when I fell into disempowerment, unconsciousness and pain. Heaven sent!!!!

Steph's amazing set of sikkls, patience, compassion, own growth and spirituality to inform, guide, support and hold. Seeing the next step aehad of me and guiding me there. So much gratitude.

I always felt absolutely respected, seen and supported. Words just can't cover it!

As for the program, both the structure and the tailoring/flexibility felt so suitable, valuable and absolutely provided the solution to this issue, little did I know it.

This programme is EXCELLENT START TO FINISH !!!!! A million thanks Steph."
~ JA (UK - 2022)

"I came into this programme disillusioned and lost.

Too many relationships which all had one common link "me and walking away".

This programme gave me the tools to understand how my journey from a child to the adult I am now was all connected.

I could see the fabric of my personality an make peach with my parents who were dealing with their own traumas.

I leave the programme happier, mentally stronger an dloving myself because I am not broken, nor dysfnctional in relationships.

I just needed to meet Stephane. The cours is elf lvoe before anything else.

We deserve it, and would highly recommend to all my loved ones (with boundaries of course :-)"
~ (SW) (UK 2022)

Remote soul clearings or clearing of the akashic records

"Dear Steph, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the help you gave me over the summer. Though I am still feeling a bit disorientated from my psychosis, the bad thoughts and voices appear to be a thing of the past. I don't know what you did during the soul clearing, but from that day the fact is that I ceased to have those symptoms. I feel very lucky to have recovered and very glad to have met you. I am now doing ok and doing lots of music, which you said would help. I will probably be back for another session at some point in the future, but until then, thanks very much for your help, and all the best."
~ FB (United Kingdom) October 2014

"Steph’s no nonsense approach to getting to the root cause of any block or undesired emotion is exceptionally rapid and insightful. Working with her on a number of projects, both professional and personal, during the spring and summer of 2014, I have felt the immediate benefits of transformation after each session - brain fog lifting, clarity returning, focus and determination becoming easy again. However, far more than this has been the awareness of peacefulness, calm and pure joy that has flooded into my life both personally and professionally. I love her approach and thoroughly recommend her work to anyone who wants swift transformation and resolution to nagging issues."

~ AC (United Kingdom) 2014

"I have just been through a very difficult situation in my professional life which was causing me huge amounts of upset and stress. I had to have two very important meetings relating to this problem. The first meeting - I didn't tell Steph about it. At this meeting, I felt nervous, stressed and lacking in confidence and power. The second meeting, I told Steph about it and she did her magical clearing on the people and process involved. I can only say that the results were miraculous! I felt empowered, I spoke with confidence and clarity and the outcome of the meeting was successful - which was a surprise to me!

"I can recommend Steph's clearing very highly - she has also done work on other areas of my life, and that of my family's, and I can state that she truly is a miracle worker. I don't understand what she does, or how she does it, but the proof is in the pudding and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to help you with any situation in your life."
~ AB (United Kingdom 2014

Individual Therapy with BWRT

"I worked with Steph over a period of 18 months during which we explored multiple relationship traumas with family members, past relationships and also phobias. This was a wonderful process that I enjoyed despite the challenge it sometimes was to explore these painful experiences.

I sometimes could physically feel the rewiring of my brain and was able to feel my legs and better ground for the first time in years.

Since then, I have seen my relationship with my dad improve at an all time best, we have been able to truly connect for the first time and I know it is one of the amazing outcomes I've had by working with Steph. Additionally, I have been able to date and haven't experienced the anxious attachment and codependancy tendencies that I systematically experienced in the past. I have been able to see things for what they are much more clearly and consequently feel that I have been truer to myself and more assertive. Having a much better attitude, flow and positivity enabled me to meet many great people. At a personal level, I have also gained more inner trust and confidence.

Working with Steph was a great experience that allowed me to gain much more self-awareness. I enjoyed her no-BS approach and how thorough and passionate she is about helping you. She is committed to your growth, remembers your story from one session to the other. Amazing work we did!

Thank you 💝"

~ AIM (United Kingdom 2023)

"Thank you very much for being there, l felt really helpless before havibg the session with you, l wss overwhelmed. It was not possible for me to share with my family what was happening in my life with and it is a blessing to know that wherever l am, l can count on your support. It felt like a big hug talking to you: there was no judgement, no opinion or advice. You showed me a new way to look at the situation, with love, wisdom and compassion.
I really enjoyed the session and felt grounded again after it. Bless you"
~ JL (Spain - Feb 2023)

"I was recently lucky enough to experience BWRT with Steph, who used this amazing technique to work on a set of limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my life and making it difficult for me to trust others or form relationships. I was amazed at how fast this process worked to eradicate my issues around not being loveable, rejection and the fear that if I open my heart I will be hurt by others. Within a handful of short sessions, and skilful, compassionate facilitation by Steph, a completely new set of beliefs has been established and I am no longer triggered by the fears I was previously victim to. It is almost impossible for me to now identify with those fears and limiting beliefs. I feel clearer, have more energy , my relationship with my children has improved dramatically and I am finally ready to seek out a new, love relationship for the first time in 7 years. I can't thank Steph enough for this newfound freedom."
~ JF (United Kingdom 2020)

"BWRT is an amazing technique that creates superfast results that you can see integrating into your life straight away, and as always Steph delivers with love, deep understanding and without judgement. I always feel so safe when I work with her. My focus was my emotional eating, which due to the stresses of COVID-19 seemed to be away out of control. As a result, my general sense of wellbeing was low, and the associated sense of shame and disappointment that I was feeling was high. I was giving myself such a hard time for my lack of willpower and self-control, which only seemed to make it worse. In talking through this in our first session, Steph was able to help me to unravel the emotions and memories that typically triggered my emotional eating, which we then dealt with in subsequent sessions, slowly replacing triggering memories with more powerful ones in which I felt in control, in my power, nurturing and nourishing my body every day, loving my body, feeling vibrant and at peace with my body, only eating food that made me feel great, feeling lovable, feeling amazing. Session by session I reclaimed my power and the urges to overeat or simply eat the wrong things, reduced until they stopped completely. In fact the whole process has created a whole new level of self-love and dedication to the creation of a new, committed vibrant, healthy, happy me, that I have not experienced before – in all areas of my life including eating, sleeping, meditating, exercising. It has also helped me to create healthier boundaries with work which was one of my many triggers. As a result, I can already feel myself living the new future memory of me that I created through the sessions. It’s magical. And you get loved and supported by Steph every step of the way. Thank you Steph. Self-love and self-care are perhaps the most important gifts we can ever give ourselves. BWRT is such an amazing way to get there."
~ SM (United Kingdom 2020)

"BWRT is a therapy I'd never tried before, but the results were instant, life changing and very real. I had been feeling exhausted and bogged down by life especially after a period of being ill with a virus. This therapy caused a massive shift and I had a rollercoaster of a few weeks. I felt as though the blockages within me from past issues had been dispersed and my true energy was able to flow freely for the first time in years. Stephane Burton is an exceptional therapist and is very good at this therapy as well as Reiki. She gets results. I feel stronger, more energetic, creative, happy, focussed and positive. I would give this therapy a ten out of ten and highly recommend it.
~ SdeW (United Kingdom 2020)

"I worked with Steph on 4 fears/beliefs using BWRT. As we worked through these beliefs, things have started to shift in my life. In my head, in my heart, in my energy field, and also in physical reality.

During the sessions, I started to feel lighter. The things I was working on were dissolving during the sessions, literally releasing their hold on me. I feel excited about life again, and most of the time I am able to enjoy the present moment, living from a place of love, not of fear. I feel stronger and more determined. I allowed myself to delve so deep into the pain, with the support of Steph and her beautiful loving energy. We really figured out the root of my blocks by discussing things, and Steph was amazing at listening to me, validating me, and pinpointing exactly what it was we need to work on. I trust her completely.

We worked on the following:
  • Fear of getting involved.
  • Fear of being disappointed by those I choose to love.
  • A belief I am unlovable.
  • A belief there is something wrong with me.

    After the first session I was able to go out more, I talked to people I knew rather than walking past and avoiding. I started to consider things I could get involved with, and it felt possible and real, rather than overwhelming and scary.
    I shared some of my writing on a social platform and with friends. This was a huge change for me.
    After the second session I was able to spend time with people who I had previously felt let down by, without any fear. My wholeness, happiness and safety did not feel like it depended on the actions of others any more. I entered into my relationships from a different place, a healthier and stronger one.
    After my third session I actually started to feel love for myself and from others. Something that I have tried to do for a long time, with attempts to convince myself using affirmations and intentions. With BWRT, it really went deep, and I was able to feel it in a way I never have before - it actually felt true. I allowed myself to finally face the feeling of being alone I have been hiding from for so many years. It has literally made me sleep through so many days and weeks of life in order to avoid it. Until BWRT, which allowed me to really see it, face it, be vulnerable in it and more than anything strong enough to love myself and believe in love enough to not be terrified of the notions of being alone.

    Lastly, we dissolved the belief that something was wrong with me. Something that has alienated me for as long as I can remember. It had stopped me in my tracks and buried my true self in order to try to be likeable and 'normal'.

    I am now learning about a new life I can live, from a place of love and trust in myself. I feel free from my fears. A blessing I wasn't sure I would ever get."
    ~ GA (United Kingdom 2020)

    "I have just completed a BrainWorking Recursive Therapy journey with Steph and feel completely transformed! I have tried many therapy modalities over the years but BWRT is definitely the quickest and most effective that I have come across for instantly releasing old patterns and bringing your mind, body and soul back into alignment and back into the present. I feel more present and in my body/power than I ever have done and have tapped into a deep love and appreciation of myself. Steph is a fantastic therapist with a unique ability to unravel exactly what the underlying issues are - usually not the issues you think you have but deeper issues from which all our other issues stem from! I would recommend Steph and BWRT to anyone and everyone."
    ~ TS(United Kingdom 2020)

  • Intuitive Coaching via Zoom

    "After making a life changing decision to up sticks and move, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I decided I would need support. I was recommended to contact Steph. I really like her manner – it is practical and down to earth. She has extraordinary gift and talents and over the past year she has not only been a great support but also she has been an inspirational coach, helping me to discover who I truly am."

    ~ KA (United Kingdom)

    "I had a Spiritual Coaching session with Steph when experiencing resistance to next steps for my life purpose. Steph asked the right questions and reflected back exactly what my Soul and Inner Child have been trying to tell me for so long. She a trusted guide and always helps me on my spiritual journey when I need her support. Thank you Steph."
    ~ LP (United Kingdom)

    "Coaching sessions with Steph is just an amazing experience every time. She's so insightful and guides me spiritually and practically. I've had many 'aha' moments with her which can literally change my attitude towards something instantly. She has the ability to make me feel grateful towards situations I rejected only a few moments before. Our coaching sessions are very, very valuable not just to me but to my loved ones as well as they reap the benefits of being with someone who is growing constantly. Thanks so much Steph."
    ~ JK (United Kingdom)

    "After a number of Reiki treatments and Soul Clearings with Steph Burton, I decided to have a Skype coaching session to discuss some of the issues that had arisen. Steph worked with me to identify what was going on at a spiritual level and guided me through a number of emotional blocks that were stopping me moving forward. What I've enjoyed most about working with Steph is her warmth and wisdom and her unerring ability to see through to the core of an issue. This allows her to offer an alternative perspective on what is going on and a unique way of dealing with it. I would definitely recommend taking the opportunity to enjoy a Skype coaching session to add another level to Steph's spiritual work."
    ~ JF (United Kingdom)

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