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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

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I was born in Germany & raised in France. After graduating with two masters in law from La Sorbonne University in 1986 (Paris, France), I spent 15 years in the IT industry in the UK, trying (and failing miserably!) to balance the stresses and strains of the corporate international world and my family life (I have 2 lovely sons), I took a quantum leap (or more accurately pushed by Spirit) and gave up my career in attempt to just "stop the train" -:) and at the same time, I ended my marriage in an attempt to reclaim my power (not to be advised!). I didn't know any better at that time...

Searching for a year and trying different avenues, my real journey began with the beginning of my own spiritual awakening and the discovery of Reiki in 2007. I went onto learning it, teaching it, then discover clearing of the Akashic Records. So my healing journey started with healing my connection to Spirit, then I realised that more was needed as some of my dysfunctional behaviours and cahos in my life came from things which happened in my childhood so BWRT came along and Inner Child work which took me to the next level of healing.

I have now built a grounded and peaceful life in line with my purpose which has given me so much meaning. My relationship with myself is a kinder and more compassionate one. I have learned and still learn to take care of myself instead of abandonning myself to the needs of others. My vision, values and boundaries are clear. I can express them without anger or withdrawal. I have met many soul mates on my journey who taught me a great deal through the pain they inflicted. I don't regret any of them. Learning to forgive and letting go were part of these lessons. I remember these were soul contracts to help me move on towards more evolved, gentle and deeper relationships. Not all relationships are meant to be long term.

This journey and growth pushed me to go further afield and offer relationship coaching as there is so much healing you can do by yourself. It is only when you reconnect to another that you discover what has been integrated and what still needs healing...

The stronger the spiritual bond, the greater the Light revealed so embrace the challenge...:-)

Every relationship goes through constant cycle of harmony - disharmony - repair. Most of us haven't learned to repair.

So if you are suffering through your loneliness (too scared to got out there and have your heart broken again) or if you find yourself going from one dysfunctional relationship to another, please trust that this is your actual path to ascension.

If you want to break the cycle, or acclerating your learning, get in touch, I would be delighted to guide you on this journey...

"Marriage (or long term partnership) is a people growing machine." (David Schnarch)

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Qualifications & Affiliations


Certified in the Raviv Method - correcting and improving learning skills
Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC
Diploma in Holistic Massage - ITEC
Diploma in Advanced Massage - nature Care College of Complementary Therapies
Certified in Sujok Therapy - Cycle 1
Certified in Sujok Therapy - Cycle 2
Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Master(Practitioner - Teacher)
Past Life Regression Therapy
Advanced Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy
Karuna Reiki Master (Practitioner - Teacher)
Holy Fire Reiki Master
Gong Level 1
Gong Level 2
Hypnosis for cancer patients
Hypnosis for smoking cessation
Spiritual Response Therapy Basic
Spiritual Response Therapy Advanced
Spiritual Restructuring (Spiritual Healing)
Spiritual Response Therapy - Intensive skills certificate
BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (L1) - General psychopathology - Certified
BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (L2) - Certified
BWRT - Procrastination Buster
BWRT - Relationship reboot
Warrior Settler Nomad Therapy
Counselling Level 2
End of life care Level 2
NAOS Institute - Advanced Diploma in Couple Therapy (certificate of attendance)

Fully Insured

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