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Clearing of the akashic records or soul clearings. Monthly Offer - Gemini - June 2024

Soul Clearing or Clearing of the Akashic Records - JUNE OFFER

Clearing of the Akashic Records or Soul Clearings

"The potential of the month (Gemini-June) is clear. In life, we always the most in the least amount of time. But the month of Taurus gives us the unique opportunity to go beyond the surface of the physical world and reveal deeper spiritual meaning hidden within.

For all of us, this is a month to focus on developing relationships with others and the spiritual elements of ourselves. This is a time to form lasting unions, such as marriages, and is particularly suited to thoughtful reflection on ways to integrate the "twins" of the physical and spiritual worlds that live in all of us." (Rav Berg - Kabbalistic Astrology)

So, with this intention in mind, I have decided to make the basic and extended soul clearings more accessible by giving you a 25% discount, so you release the baggages from your past lives, release blocks, contracts, unresolved energies and grow to finally receive some of your blessings at last!

FULL SOUL CLEARING (standard incl. zoom session & report): £105 (instead of £140)
FULL SOUL CLEARING (standard with report & without zoom session): £70
FULL SOUL CLEARING (extended incl.zoom session & report): £142.50 (instead of £190)
FULL SOUL CLEARING (extended with report & without zoom session): £95

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