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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

Intuitive Coaching Sessions. coaching

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Everything starts with consciousness. If you are not aware of the unhelpful dynamics that you seem to be part of and you don't understand the root ot them, how can you change them?

Everything is consciousness. We manifest from our level of consciousness.

The Spiritual world is the CAUSE and the physical world the EFFECT...so our consciousness changes, our physical reality changes as well and these changes are permanent!

Step 1 is always about self awareness. Intuitive Coaching provides a space to process and unpack the dynamics in your relationships which are keeping you away from your deepest desires.

Intuitive coaching is about transforming pain into growth and perceived mistakes into learnings.

Discovering the gems hidden in each challenge will stop shame, self judgement or self abandonment. You will find our sessions liberating. I freely share some of my past experiences and darkest moments to show you that you are not alone and that you can and will move through it.

Sessions lasts 60 minutes and are delivered on Zoom.

What do they say about coaching?

"Coaching sessions with Steph is just an amazing experience every time. She's so insightful and guides me spiritually and practically. I've had many 'aha' moments with her which can literally change my attitude towards something instantly. She has the ability to make me feel grateful towards situations I rejected only a few moments before. Our coaching sessions are very, very valuable not just to me but to my loved ones as well as they reap the benefits of being with someone who is growing constantly. Thanks so much Steph."
~ Jey K.(Sevenoaks)

"After a number of Reiki treatments and Soul Clearings with Steph Burton, I decided to have a Skype coaching session to discuss some of the issues that had arisen. Steph worked with me to identify what was going on at a spiritual level and guided me through a number of emotional blocks that were stopping me moving forward. What I've enjoyed most about working with Steph is her warmth and wisdom and her unerring ability to see through to the core of an issue. This allows her to offer an alternative perspective on what is going on and a unique way of dealing with it. I would definitely recommend taking the opportunity to enjoy a Skype coaching session to add another level to Steph's spiritual work. ~ Jane F (Eastbourne)

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