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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

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Welcome to Spiritual Energy!

Our aim is to assist you in overcoming the blocks stopping you enjoying a fulfilling life. While this may seem like a daunting task, it's rooted in a profound understanding of our purpose in this world and for this lifetime.

The Creator desires to bestow upon us all the blessings we seek: love, meaningful careers, harmonious relationships, health, financial prosperity, and, above all, spiritual growth – the elevation of our souls. Yet, why do we often find ourselves struggling to manifest these blessings?

We enter this life carrying unresolved energies, blocks & unhealed traumas from past incarnations. Additionally, we may have forgotten the tests and challenges we agreed to face in order to unveil our inner light.

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Spiritual Energy exists to help you dismantle these barriers, unveil the lessons that await, and invite more light into your life and the lives of others. Through genuine sharing, devoid of ulterior motives, we ignite abundance.

Our focus lies in transforming our relationships with the world, with the Creator, ourself, money, and others, through the release of traumas and blocks. If you've found your way to our website, chances are you've encountered problems in one or more areas of your life.

Embrace the process without fear and embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery. While the work of Spiritual Energy may accelerate or facilitate your progress, it won't erase the lessons (which seem to appear as problems), as true transformation occurs within, through our choices.

We acknowledge that the tests (problems) you've faced or are currently facing may be hindering your ability to explore different paths. Let's address the most challenging aspect of your life together.

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At Spiritual Energy, we offer a unique approach, beginning with clearing past-life burdens, moving then to the release of traumas, and finishing with elevating your consciousness through spiritual coaching. After each session, you will experience (permanently) a deep inner shift which result in lower anxiety and increase of energy.

Know that relationship problems, especially intimate ones, are cosmically orchestrated to aid our spiritual growth and fulfillment. Here's an overview of our process:

Identify the challenges within your relationships.
Clear past-life traumas/blocks, contracts, vows, karmic debts etc.
Deactivate the impact of present-life traumas influencing relationship dynamics in your life.
Elevate your consciousness and cultivate a deeper understanding of healthy relationships, along with new responses to challenges.

If you want to know more & schedule a free call with me Here

Note: definition of a relational trauma: Relational trauma is an aftereffect of abuse, neglect, and suffering. Remember there is a spectrum within this but the impact is very real for the child in the moment. Caregivers are expected to offer unconditional love, guidance, nourishment, security and safety. This work is not about shaming or blaming our caregivers who did the best they could from their level of consciousness. It is about identifying what you have experienced and how it is impacting your life now so we can free you from your past...

All sessions are offered online via Zoom so available to all whether you live in East Sussex, Kent. London and the rest of the English speaking world.

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Coming to consciousness is the key to emotional freedom. With consciousness comes awareness, with awareness the possibility to action (and new choices), with action the opportunity for change , with change, the option of making things better (Dr Kenneth M Adams PhD)


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Do you feel that you keep attracting the same kind of "toxic" situations into your life, not knowing why?
Have you noticed that your "inner voice" is very negative and highly self-critical?

It doesn't have to stay that way ! Come and join me on a journey of healing, self-discovery, spiritual elevation and rapid transformation into a more loving and kinder outer and inner world.

Interested to know more...book a 20 minutes free consultation with me via the contract form.


Here is what our latest client says about the programme:

" You told me when we first started this program that it would change my life and it honestly has. It has highlighted things which just went unnoticed but did not serve me or relationships, they in fact caused great harm.
This program has helped me so much to identify these patterns and behaviors and to bring them under control. I am fairly knowledgeable about astrology and the traits of a Cancerian but the program has really gone deeper with this and I now know how it links into my Tikkun and how that plays out. It has helped me step into relationship-adulthood and guide me to behave/ become the partner that I want to be.
I know I still have a way to go on my journey but the suggested reading and the work we have done and the notes will continue to be a guide and something I can refer back to.
I achieved way more than I expected to.
I really liked the nature of the sessions, how they were held and how what I brought to the session could be looked at and used as something we could work on and highlight the work through. This was achieved but without compromising the structure of the program which was great- as I know I can waffle and go off topic 😉
I honestly do not know what I could suggest as something to improve- I know that is not necessarily helpful but it's true. I think the blend of BWRT, spirituality, coaching/ therapy, Kabbalah, astrology made for something which really resonated so well with me.
I'm dyslexic so any reading I always try to avoid but I understand it is necessary to learn more, explore and develop." LV (May 2024)

These sessions will be booked to a time of your choosing, whether you live in London, Kent, East Sussex or anywhere in the English speaking world...Looking forward to connect and reveal your Light!

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