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Spiritual Energy Transforming Relationships through Conscious Evolution and Healing from Past Traumas

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Welcome to your path towards greatness: Revealing your Light

I remember saying to some of my clients: "The point of pain is your point of growth, embrace it!"

Most of them probably hated me saying this as when you have been stuck in pain for a while with no apparent way out, whilst repeating the same "movie" over and over again, it is excruciating...

Through my own very painful journey (inner and outer), I have discovered that the Light (The Creator, God, the Universe) is in everything especially the darkness and if I dared to open myself to work through it and stop resisting, I might find it...the Light that is already in me and everyone...and I did...

The first part of my journey was the necessary recovery from self-abandonment, addiction, and co-dependency which were revealed through (mostly) my intimate relationships. My partners were the messengers sent by my Soul and the Creator to push me to grow.

These relationships forced me to change through experiencing repetitive pains and chaos. I endaveoured to own my part in these dynamics, releasing past traumas from past lives and this life. Finally I developped greater consciousness, compassion and love for myself and others.

The first step is to build a kinder, more loving and compassionate relationship with Self. We can't experience a "WE" if there is no "I".

The relationship you have yourself will be mirrored in all of your relationships, not only intimate ones, especially in Twin flames connections.

So if you are struggling with the first part of the journey i.e. transforming your relationship with YOU to a more loving, kinder and compassionate one, the Spiritual Energy path can help.

If you are in a relationship that is challenging or if you are coming out of a series of "toxic relationships", let's have a chat so we can discover the lessons, trigger your inner healing and give you the tools to either repair, create and grow a new relationship with others.

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Relationships (inner and outer) are the home ground for true spiritual growth, hence my approach, which integrates working with the spiritual body (clearing of the akashic records or Soul Clearing), emotional body (working with the inner child or Intuitive Coaching), mental body (relational traumas release - working the neuropathways) and finally Reiki which will give you the fuel to move beyond the pain and support your journey forward.

The quality of your life and the amount of joy are directly dependent on the quality of your connection with the first two (upper and inner).

Our attachments then will reflect these two relationships. This is an exciting journey which will tranform your life in every area and I am excited to be your temporary guide at the beginning of it...

If this resonates with you, please reach out via the contact form and let's book a 20 minutes Discovery Call to see if and how I can help.

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Healing the Spiritual Body

The Soul is the "seed" of everything manifested in our physical world. This is the reason why this process starts with a soul clearing. The physical world is the effect and the soul the effect (Kabbalah teachings)

Soul Clearing or Clearing of the Akashic Records is a process that researches the subconscious and soul records (superconscious) to discover and release hidden blocks to love, faith, happiness and spiritual growth etc..

Once a program/block or interference has being identified, I clear it on your behalf with your permission. When a program or a block is cleared, it literally erases the negative energy pattern from your subconscious and soul records (superconscious) and will be felt immediately.

Soul Clearing or Clearing of the Akashic Records is not limited to past lives and other lives. It is also invaluable for clearing the negative energies we accumulate in our day-to-day activities and interactions.

I include it to healing path and look at all the relationships that might have impacted in your relationship with yourself and your intimate partners as follows:

  • Relationships with both primary givers
  • Relationship with Self
  • Relationship with the Creator (what it is for you)
  • Any past relationship that has left a trauma for you

    All clearings are performed remotely so whether you are based in East Sussex, Kent, London or anywhere in the world, I can work with you. A report is sent to you straight after which we will discuss over Zoom a few days after.

  • About us. Healing the Emotional (wide)

    Healing the Emotional Body - relational trauma release

    Your emotional body is located in your Sacral chakra area and is represented by your Inner Child. If you have been suffering from health problems in that area, your body is telling you to it needs attention...

    Connection and reconnection with that TRUE part of you is critical to your healing journey. You will discover how beautiful you are (under all the past traumas of rejection, neglect, enmeshment etc.) which will then trigger a "reparenting". You will not only learn but deeply desire to experience self-love, self-care, boundaries, expression of your needs etc.

    By reestablishing a loving and caring relationship with self, you will see that all of your relationships are improving.

    I will guide you through a process and give you some practical tools to reconnect and start listinening to that pure and wise part of you.

    About us. Healing the Mental Body wide

    Healing the Mental Body

    Everything that you ever dreamed of has already been manifested in the non physical and is held in the "vortex" (Abraham Hicks) or the Divine Mind. You were built to be a vessel to receive and give Love so what went wrong?

    The answer is quite simple: TRAUMA (Neglect, abuse, conditional love etc.)

    A trauma for a child doesn't have to be a major life trauma such as death of a loved ones, car accident etc. A trauma happens when the child is not receiving what he/she needs to evolve as a mature, grounded, loving and wise adult.

    This work is not about blaming our care givers. They did the best they could from their level of understanding and awareness...

    The work is to identify the past traumas which created limiting behaviours and beliefs stopping you to experience what you deeply desire...

    In terms of relationships (with self and others) here is a sample of some limiting beliefs that will hurt you and delay a fullfilling life:
    "I am not worthy"
    "I am not good enough"
    "Something is wrong with me"
    "The world is not a safe place"
    "I need to give to receive"
    "I am going to be used"
    "People are just takers"

    The great news is that any block or limiting belief can be reprogrammed, the trauma released. A better news is that the brain only works in the NOW so changes are immediate and permanent!

    If you are suffering from:

  • Limiting or negative beliefs about yourself
  • Anger issues
  • Commitment Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Success Inhibition
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Self Worth/Self-Confidence Issues
  • Fear of Authority
  • Relationship problems
  • Relational taumas
  • Grief

    Brain Working Recursive Therapy is for you!

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